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Enchanted Zebras The Funny Active Star Rider club on awesome game Star Stable Online WE server.

The Club was made on June 30th 2013.

Enchanted Zebras has loads of activities also its almost full,if there's space someone definatley took it.Our members are friendly to newcomers and respectfull to each other.

This year we became very massive and good club. We remember days when we were only small ones..Only a lil gang of 4 hanging around.It was growing up!And now we are here with 50 members (full).Even there sometimes is some drama/ fights and stuff nobody never leaves,we try to sort out problems,we support each other.We are  family!We all had hard time but we supported each other,we are ropes to each other what dont let fall down.

All the fellow and current zebras must know basic rules.

  • Don't spam the chat ,people might find it annoying or break the chats.
  • Don't bully anyone outside or inside club,it can cause loads of trouble
  • Don't be seeking for attention,we are trying to give enough attention for each member

                         Why club is called Enchanted Zebras?
The Owner says: " When i tried to made Enchanted Zebras,i thought this name is taken.Miracle happen and it wasn't. Of course being club owner is responsible job and also all decisions what u make.When i think of name.I named ENCHANTED because i thought of zebras who are ridden by humans..Soo they are already not normal zebras.Or just purple and black zebras :D Sometimes i want to disband this riding club but im not giving up."

                        What other people think about EZ?
Angelica Rainforest says:

"EZ is active,fun and it feels like family!From the first few seconds you feel like you belong here.Everyone is so friendly !Personaly i think its the best club on SSO!!!"

Emilie Catnight says:

"We've got an awesome name for a start and some really cool members,everyone's really fun and always willing to help each other.And we look cool in our uniform."

Olivia Whalecake says:

"Its a really good club and its fun,great,best uniform and best owner,its a really good club."

Alexandra Darkgirl says:

"My thoughts on ez is its a great fun active club,everyone is friendly plus if ur looking for a crazy weird club,EZ is best for u."

Zoe Puppynose says:

"Epic o-o "

As you see we don't have any negative comments.We got loads of people with good thoughts and here would be more thoughts about EZ .Maybe later on will be some new ones.
The Club Owner- Diana Watergirl